Legacy Athletics has been an amazing experience for my 13 year old daughter. She is a volleyball player and has has attended vertical jump and athletic training with Legacy for over a year and a half.

The coaches are knowledgeable and supportive, and they create a fun and challenging environment for the athletes.

My daughter's vertical jump has increased by 6 inches since she started training at Legacy Athletics. She has also improved her speed, agility, and strength. But more importantly, she has gained confidence in her abilities and a love for fitness.

I highly recommend Legacy Athletics to any parent looking for a great athletic training program for their child. Mario is top-notch, and he knows how to maximize progress and help athletes achieve their goals.

Thank you, Legacy Athletics!


I've been training with Coach Mario for over a decade! He is hands down the best trainer I've ever met. He is knowledgeable, patient, professional, respectful and always makes the workouts fun! All of the trainers there have the same mindset! Legacy Athletics is the way to go if you're looking for results. You won't regret training with Legacy! -BMart!


I cannot speak highly enough about Mario. My daughter, a 10 year old gymnast, has loved working with him since the moment they met. I have seen a huge improvement in her mental state when it comes to her sport. Having him as a mental conditioning coach is just as important to her as her gymnastics coaches. When you are in a highly competitive sport, taking care of your mind should come first. He has taught her so much! Thank you for all you do for her!


LEGACY ATHLETICS has been great for my family. Mario has patience and passion for a healthy pathway and sports. He shows you how to see the good in yourself. My son was told he could not complete school or college. When Mario came into his life he played a vital role helping him to see different. He is now a college grad. He has a great staff that supports with no judgment. If you are looking to experience a team that will give you that one on one you need. Your in the right spot. You will come out feeling better then before and have a new family for life. Thanks Coach Mario and Coach Nick for your support.


My high school daughter and two of her volleyball friends visited Legacy Athletics yesterday, and we were all so impressed with Mario and his assistant, A.P.! They interviewed and responded to our athletes in positive, relatable, encouraging ways. Mario immediately picked up on areas for improvement in the assessment, both physically and mentally. They were welcoming, funny, and confident in what Mario's program will offer to our athletes to help them be the best version of themselves. We are so excited to get started!!


Great Coach, Great Person.... I would have loved, having more time in Tampa, so that my son could have gotten a few more work outs. Definitely worth looking up, for basketball fundamentals and skills coaching... Great person too!


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